I live nearly 20 storeys above street level.
I can see four cranes reflected in my mirror.
There is a small, but deep swimming pool on the roof of my building.
My washing machine is in my kitchen.

It takes twenty minutes to walk to school.
In those twenty minutes we walk past two shops selling bathroom sinks, baths and bidets.

Another crane has just swung into view.

In our temporary accommodation, we could sometimes hear birds.

I did not bring enough jumpers. This thin black one which I found scrunched at the bottom of the dirty washing basket on our last day at home was already a bit smelly when I packed it.

The newspaper I read is better than The Advertiser.

It is six months since my Dad died.

My emails come into my inbox okay, but the sending doesn’t work and I have to do that through webmail.

My boys go to a school where they have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Youngest Boy has an infected fingernail and I’m not sure what to do about it.

I have promised myself that I will spend an hour each day working on my new manuscript. I am not supposed to be blogging until I have done that hour.

Will lodge photos when I’ve bought another adapter so I can plug my hard drive in.