The headlines in Adelaide are all like, ‘Yay! We’re Liveable!’ because in its latest Global Liveability Report the Economist Intelligence Unit (I’m sure they’re bored of the oxymoron jokes by now) has ranked us 8th. Melbourne is first, but, you know, whatever, ‘Yay! We’re Liveable!’

The mister and I have tried a few times to get ourselves to Melbourne, but, for one reason or another, it has never worked. It’s strange, because it’s pretty common to move from Adelaide to Melbourne and most people find a way.

We, both of us, originally moved to Adelaide from country towns (well, technically, Port Pirie is a city I think, but you know what I mean) to come to university and then we left with pockets barely lined with cash to see the world and found ourselves living in Auckland. Then we came back to Adelaide for reasons that were vague, but compelling. Nesting I suppose you’d call them.

But we never thought we’d never leave again. This is our home, and this is where we come back to, but we thought we’d live in another place or two between then and the times of our deaths.

Having babies, then Dad’s illness were compelling reasons to stay in Adelaide, but I have always been cursed with itchy feet. For years I’ve just sat pretty much in the seat I’m sitting in now saying, ‘Before I die, I really want to live somewhere stunningly beautiful, and somewhere snowy and cold’. Here, in no particular order, are the countries or cities I’ve always thought I’d love to live in: Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver, Alaska, South America, Mexico, Paris, Spain, Scotland, Dunedin, an island, somewhere anywhere I don’t care where as long as it’s snowy and cold.

The universe chose to interpret those words as Abu Dhabi. (I will leave you to guess what I think of the secret and the law of attraction and so on).

Many, many people for many good and varied reasons like their lives in Abu Dhabi. However, (and hold onto your hats because I am about to reveal an amazing truth to you) I am not one of those people.

In truth, I’m not convinced I’m ready to return to Adelaide just yet. I am loving being out and about in the world. I love the life that I lead in Adelaide. My family, my friends, the tram, the Central Market, the light on the eucalypt trees. Adelaide is a most liveable city indeed. But it’s a very long way away from the rest of the world. And the lads are still at a stage of their lives where being away is easy, so if we’re going to be away it all makes sense that it is now.

So the problem is not so much that we’re not in Adelaide. It’s just, well, I never wanted to live somewhere quite so hot.