Last night, or I suppose technically this morning, the mister’s alarm went off at 3 something and he left for Dubai at 4 something so that he could catch a plane to Oman for a meeting at 9.

In and of itself this is of no interest to anyone but him, but I thought you might be interested to know that, like Saudi, the weekend in Oman is Thursday and Friday.

In this part of the world, Friday is the Holy Day so that’s the day that the weekend is built around. Until recently (so I’m told), the UAE weekend was, like Saudi and Oman, Thursday and Friday, but ever since I’ve been living here it’s been Friday and Saturday. I think, in a global business world the Thursday Friday model is less practical, so it makes sense that it would be moved to Friday and Saturday, but I like that different places have different weekends. It makes for a more interesting world. (Of course, I write from the perspective of one who has a two day weekend. In Qtar, so the mister tells me, the weekend is only one day long, even for consultants. And of course, even here, and even in Australia, where the official weekend is two days, plenty of people just have one day off, and a fair number of people have none).

If you’re not trying to run a business, if you’re just leading a fairly pedestrian domestic life, it shouldn’t make much difference when the weekend is. And this shifting of the weekend by a day should be unremarkable. The rhythm of the week is still five days on and two days off, but somehow or other I cannot quite get in the mood. I cannot make Friday feel like Saturday and Saturday like Sunday. Everything still feels skewed.

I do like that the weekend begins slowly. No one does anything until the midday Friday prayers so the mornings are very quiet indeed. I drive to a class at the gym and the streets are almost deserted. I like that. We don’t let the lads play noisy games outside and we don’t let their friends come over. It’s lovely, really lovely.

Friday afternoons are frantic. The supermarkets are full to overflowing and the malls are the furthest they could be from deserted. The pools and the beaches are full, the corniche is people strolling and kids on bikes and the parks are a hundred shades of BBQ.

I like Fridays. But I hate when I look at the internet on Sundays and you are still on weekend and I am not.