So, yeah, I’m in Abu Dhabi where everyone except me has access to the interwebs. This life without the interwebs, it is killing me I tell you, killing me.

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Spent yesterday reading the proofs of my novel. The most exciting thing to happen to me possibly ever (with possible exception of birth of children, though that was less exciting and more OMG and WTF).

We’re supposed to be moving into our apartment next week, and our apartment has the interwebs, so I will tell you all about things then.

People keep telling the mister about the Dubai Shopping Festival so that he can tell his wife, and the mister keeps saying ‘my wife hates shopping’ and then people laugh. They wouldn’t be laughing if they had been shopping with me. Which the mister has. He knows.

I have to go. This isn’t my interwebs and I have to give it back to the person whose interwebs it is.