Wettest July since 1888 according to last night’s weather presenter.

I must say, coming from Australia’s increasingly frightening drought, I find being in this rain…I’m not sure of the word exactly…not ‘reassuring’ not ‘comforting’ not ‘a relief’. But it’s certainly a physical and emotional response of some kind. Not that you can just swap the water from one side to the other. But just…I don’t know, I’ll think on it and see if I can explain it later on.

I got a haircut yesterday. First one since March, and a satisfyingly lovely one it is too. I’m thinking of going and buying a hairdryer so that I can keep it looking lovely. A hairdryer and one of those little round brushes.

After the haircut we went to the Rubbings Museum, then we walked home, my boys took photos of me:

From july2009

then it rained on us. We watched Spongebob Squarepants which is still weird.

In Edinburgh at the moment, there’s a million festivals on all at the same time. I was reading through the brochure for the Festival of Politics and saw the session “Annie Lennox and the SING campaign”. I am going to that for sure. She was one of those women that the teenage me adored. No, adored isn’t right. But she made me feel like you could do things. That there were things to be done. I remember one Saturday afternoon, watching a music show and there was Sisters are Doing it for Themselves.

My Mum, who would have been younger than what I am now, watched it with me. I remember that she stopped whatever it was she was doing and stood in front of the television and watched it. And she said something like, ‘They are, you know.’

I don’t know how much of my precious prepaid gigabyte I just used watching this, but more than twenty years of Saturday afternoons later, it was worth it: