Someone enquired of google

reasons to leave adelaide

Google has neither lived in, nor left, Adelaide, but she knows that I have and so she sent that enquirer here, to this very blog.

Our enquirer used no question mark, so it could be a decision they’ve made and want to justify, or a decision they don’t know how to make. But since it is not the first time such an enquiry has come my way, I will try to put things neatly in one post for those who seek my insights.

There are many things about Adelaide I will not miss:
-yelling at ABC 891, an awful day’s radio, launched in the mornings by a tone of self-righteous, patronising pomposity and which, if you allow it to, will follow you around all day;
-the spring weather which is already reddening my eyes and making me sneeze;
-endless discussions about Sunday trading (get over it people, the shops are closed in Barcelona and open in Dubai and I know which city I would rather live in);
-insularity – it’s very hard indeed to find a way into certain circles (but maybe this is personality and not the city, because the mister seems not to struggle in this regard).

There are many things that Adelaide is which get a bit frustrating:
– a leetle bit boring – bar the odd sensational murder it’s true that life goes on day after day after day after day after day;
– a long way away from anywhere else.

There are many things you can’t do if you live in Adelaide:
– become a vet;
– make a fortune (though never having tried to make a fortune I wouldn’t really know, but judging by the number of Mercedes you never see, I’m guessing this isn’t an awesome place to make a fortune).

None of these are, on their own, or even together, reason enough to leave and I suspect, google enquirer, that you already know these things, and that your reasons are more internal.

In this regard, I am qualified to speak.

When you get to wherever it is you decided to be instead of here, and you open your suitcase, you will find that the things that you most wanted to leave have followed you.

This advice dressed as information is free, but is of a general and non-professional nature (I know I said I’m qualified, but I’m not actually registered with any professional board or anything, and even my membership of the librarians’ association has long ago expired). Don’t make decisions based on anything I’ve said.