Apparently not all of you recognised the photo below as one from Abu Dhabi. More specifically it is taken in Kalifha City (A or B, I’m not sure) a satellite or suburb of Abu Dhabi which is growing out of the sand.

I love to travel. The mister and I used to live and earn money purely to travel. Twice, we’ve sold everything we own and ridden off into the sunset. Okay, we didn’t sell our stuff, mostly we gave it away because it wasn’t the kind of stuff you could sell. Okay, lots of it we neither sold nor gave away, because mostly our stuff was rusty and broken because we never bought anything new. Except the Trinitron which, I think I mentioned, died the other week. But twice we’ve disposed of our stuff in a variety of means (sold, chucked, stored in parents’ sheds) and ridden off into the sunset.

I have extensive travel lists. Lists of places I want to visit. Lists of places I want to live. Lists of places I want to catch the train through.

Abu Dhabi is on none of these lists.

I’ve been in Abu Dhabi for a week because we were going to move there, but now we might not, although we probably are. So we need to act both as if we are (in case we do) and as if we aren’t (in case we don’t). This is just a fantastic way to be living, because after a year in which I have moved my grandfather into a nursing home, sold his house, then watched my father die, I could really use a bit more uncertainty. Especially in December which is just the most best month to start out stressed.

All of this indecision is, obviously, because of reasons. I wrote all those reasons down (in a rather well-written paragraph if I do say so myself) then realised it was probably a little inappropriate given that this is the internet and all. So I can’t tell you. I also know the meaning of life and I can’t tell you that either.

I could tell you about Abu Dhabi, but I hardly know what to say. It is flat and dry and hot. But that’s how I’d describe Adelaide and most of South Australia.

I left the camera with the mister who is still there. He had a dragonboating appointment amongst other things. When he gets back I will show you some of the photos. Or I will get him to load them onto flickr – interestingly, between his last visit (August) and now, flickr has gone from being blocked due to inappropriate content, to being not blocked.

Abu Dhabi. The hommous is brilliant, the coffee is shit, the sound of construction is constant.