Back in Adelaide to escape the Abu Dhabi summer, there are logistics with which to contend, one of them being the best thing to do with my mobile. Overwhelmed by the options my internet searching uncovered, I went to an actual shop and asked an actual man what he could tell me, and he said my two best prepaid options were a) I pay $30 and get $30 worth of calls and data or b) I pay $30 and get $350 worth of calls plus 400 megabytes of extra data.

I said, because I was struggling with the logic, ‘So what’s the actual difference between the two options?’ and the man simply repeated that if I selected option a and paid my $30 I would get $30 worth of credit, but if I selected option b and paid my $30 that way, I would get $350 worth of credit.

I selected option b, because although the logic did not appear itself, my year eleven maths results will testify that I’ve never been too fussed about making numbers which do not, equate themselves.