The mister has been in Al Ain this week. It’s an oasis town in Abu Dhabi state, less than a two hour drive from here. We were having a quick chat about things before he raced off for another night on the piss networking and I mentioned that one of the mothers at school had mentioned that her car computer read the outside temperature at fifty degrees today.

‘That can’t be right, can it?’ I said in a ‘and-who-would-want-to-spend-their-money-on-a-luxury-European-car-anyway-cos-who-can-really-tell-the-difference-between-one-car-and-the-next-and-look-at-that-their-computer-doesn’t-even-work-properly’ kind of way.

‘Well,’ he said in a ‘don’t-forget-you-can-take-the-lad-out-of-the-country-but-you-can’t-take-the-country-out-of-the-lad-and-I-know-a-lot-about-the-difference-between-cars’ kind of way, ‘…it was fifty two degrees today at Al Ain.’

Significant pause.

‘And yesterday, it was fifty six.’

Two weeks until school holidays start. Two weeks and three days until the boys and I are on a plane.

UPDATED TO ADD: I dunno, I’m still a bit sceptical…fifty six sounds like some kind of world record and my quick googling can’t find an official site that gives retrospective information. Anyway, the forecast today is for forty five, gradually sliding down to be thirty eight by Monday.