Home for a few weeks. Bought the boys new DS games at Big W yesterday on account of they were awesomely well-behaved on what can only be described as a shit trip home. Worst part of trip is watching Adelaide pass underneath as you fly to Sydney where you must fill in five hours with boys who have NOT SLEPT A WINK (even if they tried) then catch another flight with a boy who finally falls asleep

Isn’t it lovely to be home. A quiet house on a quiet street with a lounge that is dented to suit the shape of your body. Isn’t it shit to remember that you cleaned out most of the drawers but not the one under the phone, the one with all the dead batteries and broken doorbells and and what the fuck are you going to do with it all.

Doesn’t your breath catch when you come into the market and sit at the tables where you used to meet your Dad and he would take your boys and buy them lollies and a comic.

Isn’t it awesome that you could get into the doctor straight away and all of the spots that aren’t exactly worrying you, but you know, what if, are all pronounced to have benign characteristics.

Isn’t it lovely that housesitters and mother-in-law have left weet-bix in the cupboard and apples in the fridge so that when you get home after 36 hours straight awake, you can stretch on the lounge which is dented to fit your body and move only metres in order to feed your boys

And then, isn’t it inconvenient that you didn’t keep your internet connection at home, but don’t you love that you bought this spiffy new netbook and can sit at the market in an internode hotspot and check your email while the boys play their new DS machines and people of a different generation look on and say to each other, Remember we used to talk to each other?

Show opens tomorrow night. Nervous as, but also well pleased with my script. Posting will be sporadic, but exuberant.