Something happened. And I want to tell you about that something, only I’m having trouble working out how to tell you what I have learned from that something, without the other people who were around being able to read anything into it. Do you know what I mean?...

Actually, I could really use some sleep

Why is it that I took the minutes of the school council AGM about one year ago, but am only now, seven hours before the school secretary needs to photocopy them, typing them? If you need me, I’m just here. Weeping into the vacuum of time which has passed but was...

This (day) too shall pass

The day could best be summed up thus: everyone in this house is giving me the shits, yes, including I, but especially everyone else. Also: does anyone know what it is that the dog is crunching on? I can’t bear to look.

Port, like, totally thrashed

But as I said to the mister and gathered friends, halfway through the third quarter, ‘if I had to choose between a premiership and the election, I’d choose the election any day’. So, as they say: Kevin Rudd: Don’t Fuck It Up.