One of the books I took on the flight to Abu Dhabi was Robert Drewe’s The Rip.  His earlier collection The Bodysurfers is one of those books that I read whenever I need to understand how writing works. I just love it. And The Rip has not disappointed me, including as it does, the following:

“But he still looked a bit edgy. After a moment, he said, ‘Desiree has laid down some new ground rules for staying with me.’

‘Ground rules?’

‘Rules on the way things have to be arranged in future. What’s it called? Chop suey? Mah jong? You know what I mean. She’s making me do things with my shoes in Chinese.’

There was another long moment while I sipped my coffee. Eventually I had a brainwave. ‘You don’t mean feng shui?'”

It cracked me up when I read it, and it’s still cracking me up now.

The Rip. If it isn’t on your Christmas list, you have an unfinished list.

Chop suey. How funny is that?