When I were a young thing, I had the standard music tastes of a country town girl: INXS, Midnight Oil, Prince (and yes, that was before he was formerly known as), Eurythmics and maybe one or two others. All right, I admit, I had a Dire Straits album. On cassette. Love Over Gold. Also, I knew the words to a lot of Phil Collins, but that’s not my fault. There was only one radio station and I had to listen to that so I knew my day’s horoscope. I couldn’t go to school without hearing my day’s horoscope.

I also very much liked Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. Rattlesnakes. Very, very much. So much that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to buy it on CD now (that Frankie Goes to Hollywood I recently bought on CD I do feel a bit…well, you know, like it wasn’t the best money I ever spent). And look. But I put the notification email into a spiffy ‘for later attention’ folder and forgot all about it and now all the tix have probably gone. I’ll let you know.

Gee I loved that album. Just thinking about it makes me go ‘you know being fifteen really wasn’t that bad’. Except that of course being fifteen was otherwise I wouldn’t have such vivid memories of being under my bed while I listened to it with my headphones on.