Today, somewhere between the ATM and Lucia’s, my purse – containing the two hundred dollars I was going to use to buy things including fruit and lollies for my youngest boy’s birthday party (the first he’s had); and the piece of paper on which my eldest boy wrote his name for the very first time – disappeared. Off the face of the earth.

That was about fifteen minutes after I scraped the car door against the post while I parked. It would cost several hundred dollars to repair, but doesn’t knock several hundred dollars off the value of the car. That’s the kind of car it is.

On my way out, I said to the woman in the booth ‘I’ve lost my purse and my ticket was in it’, and she was very kind.

The mister dropped everything to come and pay for the lunch youngest boy and I had already ordered before I realised my purse was gone. When I saw him I cried.

I’m a bit of a wimp like that. But two hundred dollars. Gee, it’s a lot. And he’ll never write his name for the first time again.