You will never see a photograph of my children’s birthday parties on this blog.

You will never see photographs of children joyously enjoying each others company in the midsts of an international football game;

or of children standing in line for an ice cream cone, their faces a collection of the cones that have come before;

or of the birthday boy handing around a plate of his favourite biscuits of which his mother has just baked what seems like hundreds;

or of children in fits of laughter around the screen while Johnnie English plays.

I think, in the last 24 hours such photographs could have been taken in and about this house. Except that such photographs can only be taken if that’s what the person behind the camera sees.

I know there are some mothers revel in such occasions. I am not one of them. Luckily for those lads, the mister is on board. If you need me, I’m in the kitchen, my hands wrapped around my second coffee.