Arguments against buying an ipad
– I am on a long vacation in Australia and even if I am sponging accommodation and cars from friends and relatives, vacations are expensive
– we might soon be leaving Abu Dhabi and moving is expensive
– we might be staying in Abu Dhabi another year, and living in Abu Dhabi is expensive
– I don’t have certain employment
– I already have an iphone
– I already have a netbook
– despite proof in pudding of two points above, I don’t actually like getting sucked into consumerism and unnecessary purchasing
– the enough project is pretty bloody sobering, and I don’t find this especially reassuring
– there is bound to be some weird-arse territorial reason that ipads bought in Australia and used in Abu Dhabi can’t download the things I want to download
– it will just be something else I have to try and manage along with the lads’ audiobooks playlists, my music playlists, their music playlists, the odd television show or movie, and the podcasts that I sort of have under control subscriptions-wise, but not at all listeing wise
– I already have a to-read list which I can’t get through unless medical science triples my life expectancy

Arguments in favour of buying an ipad
I want one