Last night, I went to a party and had a very good time indeed. As a sign of my age, I can say, of the very same event, ‘I had a good time’ and ‘I do not have a hangover’. Though I did not get up and go to the 9.30 pump class.

Of course, I may never get invited to another party again, as the mister spent a fair amount of time talking about my, and my family’s, relaxed attitude to swearing. Apparently, he assumed that people would already know that about me. I am consoling myself by thinking that someone’s children need to be the source of such information and it may as well be mine. Not exactly the kind of parental role I was dreaming of playing, but there you go.

I don’t want you to think I’m starting to settle in here or anything, but I just thought I should let you know that I am at least trying not to be a complete misery guts.