You know all that stuff I said about escaping the pressures of December? Yeah, right.

I would like to say that I tackled yesterday evening with grace and generosity; that I recognised we are both under a bit of pressure right now and while not ignoring my own needs, I acknowledged the needs of others; that I took a moment to stand in the shoes of the one who has been generous and understanding and supportive almost to a fault; that I took a deep breath and counted to ten before…well, just before.

I did none of those things.

I might even have to apologise. (Though I hastily add, I was not actually wrong, just could’ve gone about being right a little more graciously).

Stoopid December.

PS You all know that 10 o’clock on a December night is not a good time to start cleaning out your kitchen cupboards, don’t you? If not, consider that lesson a gift from me to you. Just go to bed, you can sort your sugars out in the morning.

PPS Do you think sending him an email with a link to this blog post is as good as saying the actual words, ‘I’m sorry’?