Just got my Christmas cards and two small presents in the post. So they’ll be late. Though I did get a few cards out earlier last week. Dropped off a little gift to friend. Went to the supermarket, forgot my list, but still got everything I meant to get. If you need cream, can I suggest you get there pronto. There wasn’t much of the good stuff left.

In the supermarket (the small, independent one up the road, I’m not going into any of those big ones), a man, watching me lug two casks of water out to the car said: ‘you should’ve got your old man to come and get those’. I said: ‘he’s busy’. The man said: ‘mowing the lawns is he?’. I said: ‘scrubbing the shower’.

Tomorrow, all going well, we will be having tartufo for dessert. There is slightly less than there might have been if Youngest Boy hadn’t been helping me.

There is much more to tell, of course there is. But best not spend too much time on this post, in case the mister comes home from the last minute shit, we forgot the…shopping and sees me here, because before he left, we had a small dispute over priorities. I’m sure you’re having similar conversations.

Take care of yourselves. Of yourselves and the ones you love.

Talk with youse next year.