It’s all very earnest around here at the moment, isn’t it? Which is funny, because I keep getting all these google searches ‘comedy edinburgh’ and ‘comedian librarian’ and so on. Goodness knows what they think when the land here.

Anyway, today two things happened. Firstly, I wrote two very good jokes (and I wasn’t even trying, I was supposed to be only doing what is in my script, but one of them appeared as I was cleaning my teeth and the other came out during ‘rehearsals’ – let’s assume here that ‘rehearsals’ can be defined as standing in your bedroom with the door closed, every now and then pulling the door open to surprise the two boys who are standing on the other side giggling and then say, ‘But Mum, how did you know we were here?’). They’re untested jokes, so maybe they aren’t as good as I think they are, but for now let’s just assume they’re brilliant. Secondly, Deborah shared a most excellent joke which did indeed crack my boys up.

What’s your favourite joke?

My mum would always crack up at the following:

Q. What’s the difference between a duck?

A. The space between it’s legs.

I have to say, I still don’t get.