We started at Brighton and got to Hove.

‘Do you want to see where my Grandma lived?’ I said and they used loud voices to say, ‘No! Please no! We’ve seen where Pop used to live, where Granny lived, where Dad was born, where he moved to next, where Pop’s parents lived, where Granny went to school, where Dad went to school…we know enough about our ancestors.’

And so, we kept ourselves on The Esplanade.

We were supposed to keep going, past Somerton Park and onto Glenelg. I’ve walked that walk hundreds of times in my life and, until yesterday, I would have sworn that there was a paved path right along the esplanade from Seacliff to Glenelg.

Obviously, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to do it by scooter.

Eldest said, as the Minda sand dunes appeared and the paved path disappeared, ‘Sand! Our only weakness!’, but they are not the kind of lads to let their weaknesses deter them.