Gawd. Yesterday, the only search of which this blog was deemed suitable by google was

how to clarify things

Maybe google thought it might help the person in a ‘well, at least I’m not as bad as her’ kind of way because as far as answers, I can only offer the following:

1. ask the mister;
2. live one day longer than it takes for the solution to have made itself obvious.

Apart from that, I’ve got nothing.

(The mister really should start his own blog and call it Ask the Mister. He is so calm and wise and he never says, ‘Oh, FFS are we talking about this *again*?’ Oh, there’s an idea that I’m just going to type out as I’m thinking it: maybe I could just turn it into a regular feature here. If you need the mister’s sage advice about anything, leave the question in the comments or email me and I’ll trick him into going on the internet ask him, and I’ll feature it as a regular post here on this very blog. He’s gonna love that idea.)