I started writing and performing stand up comedy many years ago. I made a tiny name for myself as the vegetarian librarian (whose babies were born by caesarean). The reviews said things like “funnier than it sounds” and “you have to be there.” I stopped performing when I was living in Abu Dhabi, but I’ve started again since I got back to Adelaide. Look, I’ll be honest, my comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, a bit a hit and miss, but I do love it. There’s nothing like it really, making people laugh.

I did put on a show once. At the Edinburgh Fringe. I took my children and they played DS in the green room while my partner was my tech crew. She’s Not Just Quiet (She’s Dead) was about a librarian who became a funeral director by accident. Life imitated art.

I’m resurrecting that show and putting it on in 2018. It’s going to be one of those things that isn’t quite stand up, isn’t quite cabaret, isn’t quite spoken word. It may or may not include me playing Rainbow Connection on the banjo.