I’ve been at lectures this morning. I’m doing the course in applied ethics that I was accepted into, but was not smart enough to follow the enrolment route in time for first semester. I told you all about it at the time. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?

Anyway, after Dad died, or in fact, in the week that it became clear he was going to, I followed up on the enrolment, because I thought a bit of structure would be good for me. Plus, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

It’s doing my head in. You could see that coming, couldn’t you? Yes, the mister could too. Still, it is good to apply some rigorous thought to my (strongly-, if, as it turns out inconsistently-held) opinions on euthenasia, abortion and the death penalty. Plus, it makes a change from word twist. I was thinking the other day how time-wasting has evoloved from minesweeper to free cell to word twist.

On Monday, it will be the 15th anniversary of my mum’s death. And then a few days later it’s my brother’s birthday. Then a few days after that it’s my dad’s birthday. Do you know writing that has been very good for me. I feel a small barrier breached. Sorry that you have to be involved in my therapy. Maybe you should shut your bloglines subsrciption off for now.

You wish you could be living with me right now, don’t you? Just in case you can’t imagine how great it is, I’ll let you know I just made a cup of coffee with cold water.

But yesterday, I did have what I believe to be a significant breakthrough with a writing project that I believe is an excellent idea, but have not been able to get on top of. Time will tell. Though probably not the time of the next week or so which is likely to involve a lot more time on the couch, under the blanket, watching Scrubs DVDs. Also, Curb Your Enthusiasm is, as my youngest boy would say, hair-lary-arse. He says it like that so that he can say the ‘a’ word. They swear a lot my boys do. But not as much as I do.

I’ve quite enjoyed watching the diving. Not sure why we’re supposed to be getting all outraged that the girl who appeared and the girl who sang are two different girls. Like, yes, it’s outrageous, but, like, on the scale of outrageousness it’s down the ‘not so much’ end. Olympics references.

Well, I think that’s it. I’m off to drink my coffee before it warms up too much.