‘Well,’ thought Adelaide when she flicked to page three. ‘Isn’t that a fine piece of journalism.’

‘Listen to this,’ she said to her husband who was yet to have his shower. ‘It says here in The Advertiser that Angeline Jolie is having Brad Pitt’s baby. Well, that is very important news, isn’t it? I can’t think why it’s on page three and not page one.’

‘They probably just made it up,’ Adelaide’s husband said, pulling the cord on his dressing gown just a little bit too tight.

‘Oh, no,’ said Adelaide, ‘they didn’t. They got it off the internet. Apparently, Angeline told a charity worker, who told U.S. magazine People who put it on their website for The Advertiser journalist to find.’

Quoting someone who is quoting someone who is quoting someone. Fine journalism indeed, thought Adelaide.