Did you see me? Last night? On the tele? Performing in the final at the Melbourne Town Hall? There was a card in the letterbox this morning from my neighbour, so I guess they were watching. I reckon my two best jokes (I think we call them gags) didn’t make it to the telecast. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

I tell you, watching that was worser than the actual perfomance. Am I really that fat? I said to the mister. Do I really look that fat? I really have put on weight, haven’t I? And so on. Stopped short of saying ‘I really should stop drinking so much’.

So that’s that. One of the most surprising experiences of my life finished with. I remember watching the Raw final on the tele last year and even then doing stand up hadn’t even crossed my mind. I never said you know, that’s something I’ve always wanted to doI should do that, I mean I could do that, I’m as funny as that. Never thought it once.

Overall, I would say my best performance was the one I gave in the state grand final, but going to Melbourne and standing on that beautiful stage in front of 1400 people who laughed at my jokes (and applauded three of them)…my goodness, that was something.

In another big move, I started teaching myself cross-stitch last night.