I’ve been doing a bit of an update of wordpress. Not to 2.5, because I’m using fantastico on cpanel, which hasn’t upgraded that far yet. Did I blind you with my science? You know I don’t have a clue about what I just said, don’t you?

Anyway, it’s going quite well so far. For example, my blog hasn’t totally disappeared. Though several draft posts are nowhere to be found. They were probably crap anyway.

The real thing I’m hoping to do is have better photo functionality. Do you like the way I used functionality? That’s my first time. I love the sound of it, even though I strongly oppose the use of such ridiculous words.

So, here’s a photo. I just found it while I was doing aforesaid backups. I went to London a couple of years ago. By myself. It rocked.

Are you impressed? I’ve said fantastico, functionality, and I’ve been to London.