‘So,’ Adelaide said, because there was a commercial break in Grey’s Anatomy and it was awfully silent with the mute button on, ‘which do you reckon is more wrong? Danii Minogue judging a talent quest…’

‘Yes, that’s pretty wrong,’ the mister said adjusting the cushion so that it rested more firmly in the small of his back.

‘Or,’ Adelaide continued, ‘the cultural references in the dingo enclosure of that theme park we visited last week…’

She flashed him a photo to refresh his memory:


‘Yes, even I with a mind which does not search everything I see for allegory, metaphor or symbolism found that immediately disturbing…’ he said. Then sniffed.

‘Or…’ she continued, but then stopped as she gave yet another shallow, but irritating cough, ‘that ad* in today’s classifieds which ends A great place to start your life sentence‘?


The mister’s bloodshot eyes looked into hers.

‘Couldn’t you just ask me whether I’d prefer green tea or jasmine?’ he asked. Then sneezed. Then pulled another tissue out of the box. And she marvelled, as she had often had cause to do, that despite its larger proportions, his nose, once blown, never went quite as red as hers.

*short explanation for those of you not from round here this event will be held in the old Gaol a place I must blog for you in more detail.