You know that thing where you get an email and already your hackles are slightly raised just by the sight of their name in your inbox and *then* you read the email and you think, ‘WTF?’ and you try to catch your breath but all you can think is, ‘That’s it! I’ve had it’ and you let your fingers fly across the keyboard and you know you should calm down, but, ‘WTF? I mean, really, WTF?’ and then you look at what you’ve written, and you’ve got the presence of mind to tone it down, but you don’t listen to the voice that says, ‘Read what they’ve written again, it can’t be right, take a breath, don’t press send.’

And then you send it anyway, because ‘WTF?’ and ‘How much longer will this go on?’ and then they email back – the fastest they’ve ever responded before – and then you read what they have written, you see it where you didn’t see it before and, ‘WTF? And how did I miss that?’ and now you are left with nothing but that crumbling sound.

Your solid mountain moral high ground turned to rubble.

So, how’s your Monday?