PC has been talking about signs which talk about children which reminded me of something a little odd that I wanted to share with you.

Obviously, the last few weeks have been a bit awful, but during the school holidays, I did try to do a few things with my boys apart from putting them in front of televisions, computers and DS screens. One such thing was a visit to the Old Adelaide Gaol, a trip which I intend to blog about at some length. I was actually trying to teach my boys about the complexity of prisons and imprisonment. They play all these games with guns (pretend ones, obvs, because ‘we don’t have guns in this house’) and constant phrases such as ‘I’ll lock you in jail’. My friends seem to be divided on my approach to this form of education, but it was an interesting day nonetheless and had some of the desired impact.

Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it another day. In the meantime, I thought you might be interested to know that one of the first things we saw was this:


It says a lot, no?


I also wanted to say thanks so much for your comments and emails and messages of support. I’m going okay. Sad, but okay.