What else do you do when you’ve got a bathroom to scrub, an assignment to get your head around, and a new school to settle your lads into, but update your feed reader?

Updating my feed reader (I use google reader ever since bloglines told us it was going to disappear even though it didn’t, and on my ipad I use flipboard at peppermint patcher‘s excellent suggestion) I was thinking about how much blogging has changed, how using the reader has diminished the number of comments I make and somehow or other, that has diminished the number of links I make to the blogs that I read. So here is a short and totally random selection of blogs in my reader. I will do some more next week (she says as if her reading habits are fascinating enough to justify it).

I can’t remember how I found New Zealand writer, Sarah Laing’s, blog, let me be frank, but that led me to her other blog 44 ways of looking at an apple and I’ve got that blog infatuation that makes your heart skip a beat when you see a new post bolded in your feeder. I’m enjoying the feeling because you don’t get it so much as you used to back in the mid-noughties when blogging was in its hey-day and new blog discoveries were made every day (or so it seemed, were they not the days, kids these days and so on).

There’s something about the New Zealand voice that I just love. I felt so settled when I lived there, and I don’t know that I have ever felt so at home as I did amongst the volcanoes and that shade of green I’ve never seen anywhere else. I sometimes think that maybe I should move back, but I worry that it won’t work and then I’ll ruin the fabulous memories that I have. (And there’s an entire paragraph without a link, and all about me, so let me prove that all bloggers are narcissists and so on).

So, erm, more random links to my reader…

I’ve been following jo(e) ever since I started blogging – I guess she was one of my first infatuations – and I love reading her still. Such warmth, and personifies what it was that made me fall in love with blogging back then in the noughties – blogging lets you into all of the lives that you want to lead, but never can because you have to lead your own.

I know I’m outside its demographic, but I love the hairpin. I don’t know if they’ll ever do anything quite as good as their doll’s head wineglass, but just the thought that they might is enough to keep me tuned.

And finally for today, two local links. True Life Story of a Filipina Maid in Dubai is not true life of course, but if you want an insight into the nuances and complexities of this most unusual of relationships – the maid and the expat maam – it’s not a bad place to start. And here’s a pretty good reflection of how I felt about my trip home this year. Adelaide isn’t half the city London is – if I had a chance to swap life in Abu Dhabi for a life in London, I’d do it in a heartbeat, I really would.