This morning, my internet connection has been rusty, and I tried all (which turned out to be most) of my usual tricks before calling my ISP’s support number. Does anyone know about this ‘turn everything off, make small talk with worn out support person, switch it all back on and it works again’? Is there any actual science in that?

Also, you know those mornings when you get to nine o’clock and you think ‘goodness me, is that all it is, surely it’s later than that, I’ve been awake for hours’ and ‘what a very strange night that was, how am I going to stay awake all day, and even possibly get some of that enormous pile of work done’? Well, I am having one of those.

And one other thing, I left my vacuum cleaner out on the front verandah all night (after vaccuming my car which was in a right bloody mess I can tell you), and it is still there this morning.