Honestly, what a whinger. I do apologise. It’s just, you know, I really was trying to get the house vacuumed. Anyway, having recently discovered that I am in fact one of the happiest of all Australians, I thought I’d best buck up my ideas, so herewith another burst of randomness:

  • once the chisel, which seems to have been fashioned at precisely the diameter to zoom up the hose and precisely the colour to then disguise itself as a butterfly valve of some sort thus inviting you to push it a little more firmly into the hose, had been removed from the hose of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner once again worked – can I suggest that you keep a pair of those children’s chopsticks on hand – they have an excellent reach and grip;
  • it’s nice to know that people searching for such information as ‘can you catch botulism from vacuum cleaner dust’ have this blog to keep them entertained as they cruise the web looking for a more reliable source of such information, because in truth I don’t know, though very much hope that the answer is no;
  • it is pleasing to know that Baxter – Australia’s first purpose-built detention facility – is about to be closed, though the pleasure is somewhat lessened by the reasons given for said closure;
  • we have reached a family agreement that there will be no more balloons on sticks gathered from the market or any other establishment, and if all promoters could heed this agreement, we would greatly appreciate it – to be honest, those things are so fucking annoying that I am more inclined to boycott your product than support you in any financial way;
  • I spent forty dollars at the Market Arcade Haigh’s this morning, and although it was all presents, it still made me happy;
  • the man who delivered the replacement worms for the worm farm yesterday had to hurry home, because he had a new chook and didn’t want to leave her on her own for too long;
  • the washing machine which we bought from the mister’s sister for fifty bucks (or so) ten years ago has never even needed a service;
  • I am taking great pleasure in the gold good luck cat with the waving arm that Eldest Boy and I bought at the market this morning to present to my newly engaged cousin and his affianced – I very much hope that it does bring them ‘happity and happy hocks’;
  • the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned for a while, but isn’t too bad.