At the moment, I am backing up my photos, so that I can delete some from my computer, so that my computer is no longer so close to full that it keeps breaking. Over the last few weeks, I’ve even deleted the acrobat reader programme, just to try and leave some space so that I didn’t have to attend to this awful job.

Part of the problem is that the photos are not organised. They’re just in dated folders. This seems no way to begin the long-term storage process. But if I wait for the day that I get around to organising them properly, then…well, as you know that day may never come.

Meantime, I have oodles of spiffy new photos taken with the spiffy new camera the mister gave me for Christmas (he is ace at presents, he really is). None of them have made it off the camera, because the computer doesn’t even have room for the software.

So, in the spirit of getting things off my to-do list, I am just doing things. Whether or not the pre-conditions are perfect.

‘At the moment, I am backing up my photos…’ it sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But it comes with all those messages with which I am sure you are familiar. Messages about ‘media’ ‘not recognised’ about ‘disk full’ and ‘windows is shutting down’ and this little yellow dinosaur icon which appears when my computer is thinking thoughts it apparently can not think.

I don’t need to tell you any more about my state of mind, do I? And yet, I feel the need to bore you with myself a little more. After all, I have nothing else to do, but wait for the next odd error message. So, just now, I said to my boys: ‘maybe you should play outside, because this job is giving me the ‘sh’ word’. To which they could only say ‘do you mean the shits or the shut ups?’ And to think, we’ve got three invitations to play in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, we have taken the dog back to the vet to get his stitches removed. As the vet observed ‘castration hasn’t calmed him down yet, has it?’ And then, he looked, as my youngest boy hit my eldest boy with the door snake which I think is there for waiting dogs to play with. I wish I could tell you that he (the vet) looked at me, eyebrow raised significantly. It would give meaning (unkown, but meaning nonetheless) to an otherwise pointless post
But he did not.

Must away. Current project is burned. Apparently.