At this time of the year, I do like footy tipping competitions. About half way through the season, they become a bit less compelling as I realise I can’t win. And after that, there’s too much talk by the people who take it all too serious. The ones who coulda, shoulda, woulda spend too much time making excuses and the ones who sit at the top, but could tumble any week get all defensive about but she* didn’t lodge them with the tipmeister until 5.05 on Friday and the rules clearly state

So, since the fun bit is in picking the teams, I will – for as long as I have interest in it – be posting my picks for the week. Feel free to join in. Or not.

Week Three








I will not pick between Tigers and Magpies as they are both completely untrustworthy in winning/losing terms and I will not enter into it.

*Because for some reason, having a woman at the top of the footy tipping table is still seen as something to marvel at, and too often, it seems to make the person-who-isn’t-quite-winningget a bit defensive, despite the fact that it is pretty obvious after all these years that women can win footy tipping competitions. And anyway, it is very silly indeed to take footy tipping serious, whoever is winning. Because, after all, actually playing footy and picking winners are two completely different things. Footy tipping competitions are level playing fields. You don’t actually need to know anything to pick winners – you could even spend years in New Zealand and still return to great success in a footy tipping competition.