I’m a writer and funeral celebrant living by the beach in Adelaide. Long story short: I live here, my partner lives in the Middle East. I think it’s called global commuting. I call it global celibacy.

My first novel Black Dust Dancing was published by Wakefield Press in 2009. Life was messy and unpredictable for a while and it took me a long time to finish my second novel, Surrogate. But it will be published by Wakefield Press soon. Very soon.

I started writing and performing stand up comedy many years ago. I made a tiny name for myself as the vegetarian librarian (whose babies were born by caesarean). The reviews said things like “funnier than it sounds” and “you have to be there.” I stopped performing when I was living in Abu Dhabi, but I’ve started again since I got back to Adelaide. Look, I’ll be honest, my comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, a bit a hit and miss, but I do love it. There’s nothing like it really, making people laugh.

I’ve had an embarrassingly large number of jobs and have a stupid number of university qualifications, most recently a first class degree in psychology. I loved doing that degree, and I even enjoyed the stats. I’m not a qualified psychologist, but I still read and study a lot of the literature and research.

I’m really proud of my new business, Vivimento. It is an independent, alternative funeral company providing funeral celebrancy and planning services. It’s website is over here.

I believe that climate change is real, that people should vaccinate themselves and their children, and that seeking asylum is not illegal.