Funeral Celebrant

I am in independent funeral celebrant working in Adelaide and South Australia. I help you to create meaningful funerals that celebrate life, love and diversity while making space for healthy grieving. There are as many ways of holding a funeral or memorial service as there are people. My approach is to work with you to help you create the service that reflects the individual life and spirit of the person who has died. To learn more about my work in funerals, you can visit the Vivimento website or get in touch with me via email or through the contact page on this site.

My funeral business is called Vivimento, named after my mum, Vivienne whose final day was a profound lesson in what ‘the personal is political’ really means. I don’t know many people who say that they create feminist funerals, but I am proud to run a funeral business that is founded on the feminist principles my mum taught me.

By Emma Sophia

Memorial Services

After a cremation or burial

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Alternative Funerals

A new way of thinking

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By Emma Sophia

Green Funerals

Sustainability in life and death

One of the greatest gifts my parents left me was a small share in a heritage block in the Flinders Ranges. It has no material value–it cannot be ‘developed’ or sold for profit–but it is a true treasure.

Many of us have spent our lives trying to create a life that doesn’t harm our environment, and we want to make sure our final acts and choices reflect that too. Some of those choices are obvious, for example, the materials used for the coffin. But you want a service that reflects your life’s philosophy too.

As someone who became a vegetarian in her twenties, marched in anti-nuclear rallies led by Peter Garrett, and finds peace in the smell of a lemon-scented gum, I know that a green funeral goes even deeper than the tangible choices that people will see. I craft ceremonies that truly reflect your life’s philosophy.

Feminist Funerals

Equality in life and death

Vivimento was named after my mum, Vivienne, whose final day was a profound lesson in what ‘the personal is political’ really means. (You can read about it here).

If you, like Vivienne, have spent your whole life smashing the patriarchy, thank you! Or perhaps you are organising a funeral for someone like my mum. I will help to make sure the ceremony not only honours their feminism, but truly reflects their life’s philosophy.