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On reading

I’ve spent the last couple of years working on my second novel. Looking back on it, my pattern of work seems to have been to have worked like a demon… Read more

A week of bits and pieces

I got offered a writer’s residency this week. Reading the email to tell me that my application for the residency was successful wasn’t quite as exciting as reading the email… Read more


I finished my job last week. Like, you know, not going back kind of finished. I’ve been working in libraries again, this time at a school. The end of the… Read more

A piece of string

I’m trying to finish my novel. By which I more specifically mean I’m trying to find the point where I say, ‘It’s finished.’ It’s taken me a long time, hasn’t… Read more

June is for blogging

I told myself I would get back in to blogging. As fun as facebook is, it steals ideas and time. I’ve never looked back through my journals like I’ve looked… Read more

The beginning

In the 2012 Abu Dhabi summer, this past Adelaide winter, the lads and I spent most of our escape-from-Abu-Dhabi time in Adelaide, but the mister came for a couple of… Read more

The End

I am closing this blog. I will still be blogging, but not right now and not right here. I did write a long-winded post about how blogging has changed and… Read more

a new year, a new blog

I’ve started a new blog to write about the things I read. a blog load of books I’m not quitting this blog, but the other one will be only about… Read more

Avoid wordiness

Gosh. I had no idea that I would be so annoyed when I got back an assignment and someone had written on it not only, ‘One sentence does not make… Read more

Last night

Got myself into a bit of a funk last night, talking to myself about the fantastic lives other people have managed to create for themselves. Look what she’s done, look… Read more

The alternative (part one)

I was writing a long and earnest blog post in response to the Booker judge who asserted that, ‘If you look at the trajectory of the average novel writer, there… Read more

A flick of the pen

Lucky, privileged, ridiculous life that I lead, I am able to spend hours of my life contemplating my bellybutton the apostrophe. More specifically, this apostrophe:

My two cents

Whatever else the announcement of the Miles Franklin shortlist tells us, it also reminds us of our mortality. Of our own mortality and of that of the world we inhabit.

The weekend

At work this morning they asked me, ‘What did you do on the weekend?’ and, after the moment it took me to remember back to the time before I turned into the street and then the gate and parked downstairs, I said, ‘I wrote ten thousand words.’

Still settling in

I blog for the same reason I write or read everything else that I write or read. To try and make sense of it all. To find meaning, to learn what sense others have already learned, what meaning they’ve already found. I blog to make new friends, to keep old ones, to laugh, to weep…same reasons I do most of the things that I do I guess.

Oh good, you found me

Welcome to my new website.

Viv made it. Most of you probably know Viv aka tigtog. She blogs at hoyden about town, and you can ask her if want to make your website more vivid.

Dear brain, please explain

I’m not going to bore you with the details of it, but walking up the stairs and back to my desk just now, I remembered that last night I had a dream, the upshot of which was that I made a commitment not only to myself, but to a strange David Brent type person, that I would write a symphony.

Since you were all so helpful last time

To those of you who get shit done (paintings painted, plays produced, frocks stitched, essays footnoted, gardens sculpted, projects generally conceived of then see through to the end), how do you do it?

It’s time for something new

Dear interwebs
I have been listening to the same music for the last ten years. Do you have any suggestions for new(ish) music I could try?

Thank you in advance xx

Advice, freely dispensed

Every year at Adelaide Fringe and Festival time the searches for nutri grain nuts and bolts and ‘slow as a wet wig’ diminish in proportion to the number of searches for ‘jokes about Adelaide’ and ‘Adelaide jokes’. I suspect not all of these searches are by visiting comedians,

this time with less laziness

That was nothing more than extraordinary laziness that last post. Goodness me, what would my self help books think of me? Fifi and Pen raise the questions to which I… Read more


One of the questions I ask when I am deciding whether or not I have the right to include a certain person in a story on my blog or in… Read more

On not

I’ve been reading a lot about creativity lately, particularly about writing, but about creating more generally. And particularly about doing it. About sticking your bum to the seat, about putting… Read more

A matter unexpected

One of the consequences of returning to work is that I never have the house to myself. It is no longer mine to roam around unhindered, moving from my desk… Read more

Getting things done

The mister and the lads got back from their Al Ain daytrip rather late last night, and because I still hadn’t finished my book, when the mister asked about my… Read more

Another way of looking at it

He says: ‘Mum, ever since you’ve got that computer you’ve just been living on it.’ I reply: ‘I’m trying to get my book written, I need to work really hard… Read more

It’s still hot

I’ve been writing a set of essays which I hope will one day be published either singularly or as the set that I am constructing them as. Actually, I think… Read more

Advice dispensed freely

In an effort to reclaim the self-discipline I’m sure I must once have had, I have been doing that thing where you set your timer and just work at your… Read more

Is it Wednesday already?

Pleased to report that I am having a most excellent time. Over five performances, my (modest) audience expectations have been reached every night and exceeded three times. More importantly, people… Read more

A short rant

One thing giving me the shits is this whole ‘oh, look at twitter, isn’t that amazing? All these people writing things in 140 characters or less.’ Brevity is nothing new,… Read more

Do I really sound like that?

Bought a video player back in March. Used it to record myself in Titters! Twice. Have just now been watching said recordings in an effort to improve myself (you know,… Read more

Baby steps

It was boynton first put me on to Dr Wicked, and it got me out of quite a pickle some time last year and then for some reason, I’d forgotten… Read more