In which I am, once again, a sucker for an accent


The argument in the car starts the same way that it always does. One brother’s arm around another’s shoulders, the two are wrestling, both are laughing, the Floppy Adolescent uses… Read more


I’ve got a wee hangover today. Too much champagne yesterday and not enough water. I don’t mind hangovers. I had a kidney infection a couple of months ago and I… Read more

Not drowning, waving

When I was a young adult, nervous about leaving my home (my house, my town, my friends) and moving to university, my mum said, ‘You can always come back.’ She… Read more


We tootled up to Dubai at 10 pm on Saturday night to drop the lads off at the airport. They’re catching the plane back to Adelaide for a stay with… Read more


On the way up to the Parc Guell, I thought, ‘How would it be to go to school in the shadow of Gaudi?’ … Image: sign on a school fence,… Read more

Another meander

Still in Barcelona, we saw this on the walk back down from that Gaudi park, what’s it called, oh, yeah, Parc Guell. So, anyway, we saw this spray painted on… Read more

Balloon in Barcelona

Eldest messing around with a balloon in our apartment in Barcelona. Not sure how he got the balloon past the front door, because I’m not a fan of the balloon…. Read more

Le weekend

Last night, or I suppose technically this morning, the mister’s alarm went off at 3 something and he left for Dubai at 4 something so that he could catch a… Read more


It was a very Abu Dhabi day yesterday, filled with the frustrations and annoyances that life in Abu Dhabi sometimes brings. Nothing major, and nothing that wouldn’t happen at home… Read more


Our Tunisian neighbour has the ink on her finger that marks the first time she has cast her vote.


From youngest’s homework book. Spelling and sentences. Traffic. There was so much traffic today that I was stuck in it for two hours straight when I was so tired I… Read more

Taking stock

It’s now been exactly one week since the lads and I flew back into Abu Dhabi. One week and one hour ago, we walked back into the house and the… Read more

Other than English

I’m desperate for the lads to learn another language. Properly learn it I mean. To the point that they can communicate in it. I’m not too fussed what language that… Read more

Parallel universii

We’re all pip! pip! hurrah! and jolly hockey sticks as the lads transfer from an American to a British school, an exercise which involves the donning of caps and ties… Read more

In answer to your query

Someone enquired of google reasons to leave adelaide Google has neither lived in, nor left, Adelaide, but she knows that I have and so she sent that enquirer here, to… Read more

The living is fine

The headlines in Adelaide are all like, ‘Yay! We’re Liveable!’ because in its latest Global Liveability Report the Economist Intelligence Unit (I’m sure they’re bored of the oxymoron jokes by… Read more

This should clarify things

It was cryptic I suppose, that last post, and no, being my friend on facebook wouldn’t help because it’s things to which I don’t have the public right, but that’s… Read more

The end of August

At the end of July, as Abu Dhabi’s heat and humidity was gathering momentum, I joined the exodus of expat wives. Nearly all of the women I have met through… Read more

I think I did the right thing

Back in Adelaide to escape the Abu Dhabi summer, there are logistics with which to contend, one of them being the best thing to do with my mobile. Overwhelmed by… Read more


Our journey from Spain to Adelaide is, Because of Reasons, a little convoluted and finds the lads and I sitting in Abu Dhabi for a few days waiting for our… Read more

no hay interwebs

The wifi in our apartment, always patchy, died sometime over the weekend. This has coincided with the near-death of the mister´s internet-enabled device. The internet on his device is fine,… Read more


Goodness, but I’ve forgotten a lot and a lot of Spanish. Almost feels like I remembered nada. But the lesson was fun. In the afternoon, the mister and I sat… Read more

We arrive in Barcelona

This morning we got up at sparrow-fart (or the fart of whatever it is that lives in the Pyrenees) and drove through winding mountain roads, into roads that looked not… Read more

Florence (Firenze)

Image: Lads on the steps of a church. Eldest is listening to Charlie Bone (yes, again) Youngest is reading about Roman soldiers (yes, again). I am hoping that we will… Read more


Summer, she has arrived. Every day, the temperatures reach at least forty, and they never fall below thirty. The mister finally said jhallas

At the Statue of David

a man and a woman and a man and another one and another woman each with cameras around their necks and the lens caps on speaking in voices loud, soft, hushed, disbelieving never dismissive


At school, the families from Japan have organised a stall selling handmade Japanese craft. Thanks to our eldest child, we have a house that is overflowing with paper cranes and frogs and lilies and balloons, but their sign says, ‘Even one dirham will help us.’


I know that it looks like the Middle East is just a rolling ball of conflict at the moment, but there are so many differences between countries in the region… Read more

day one

On our first day in London, we went to The Imperial War Museum. We would have gone anyway, because our current living situation involves a lot more glorifying of war than I would like, but the visit came with the added bonus of Once Upon a Wartime, featuring five children’s books…

Forecast: fine, but cloudy

I let them pull the suitcases off the belt and arrange them on our trolley. They aren’t heavy. We have three jumpers between us and six pairs of trousers.

mid february

The mister told me that from time to time he looks at me
and knows
that I would rather be
anywhere but here.

We make our own fun

Did I tell you that these days the mister gets a text from the bank whenever I withdraw money or use my credit card? On account of, you know, it’s not my bank account. If the mister were to sign a No Objection Certificate I could get my own bank account…

Nobel Prize

First place I ever traveled, at age 20, was China. I had just finished three years language study at university, and was off to the East China Normal University in… Read more