On the Malcolms

Okay, look, I’ve got a bit too much time on my hands at the moment, but here’s the thing about the Prime Ministers, Malcolm. Them, I do not trust. It… Read more

One thing I don’t understand

I watched, via twitter, the build up to, and the passing of, the civil union legislation in Queensland. I felt bloody good about it really. For reasons. But there’s one… Read more

I can’t think of a suitable title

I have just been reacquainting myself with some research and statistics during which time I have reading the Facts and Stats factsheet on the White Ribbon Foundation’s website.

The report says, amongst other things:

Maintain the rage

I don’t remember where I was the day the Governor General was lambasted from the steps of Parliament House. In a tyre swing in the front of our house at… Read more

Contented sigh (ongoing)

My boys say, with great excitement, to everyone we meet ‘did you watch the election?’ It is still feeling good to no longer be living in John Howard’s Australia.


oh, and yay Get Up and all that, but what were they thinking, standing at polling booths, handing out that ‘restore balance to the Senate’, but saying ‘we’re not telling… Read more

quote from the couch

so my dad says ‘do you know who is the (current) longest serving conservative minister in Australia?’ and I say ‘Alexander Downer’ and he says ‘Karlene Maywald’  oh, how we… Read more

Political Lament

I just wish that I were voting for something as defiantly as I am against. And every time I hear Julia Gillard speak, I think I wish they’d had the… Read more

Port, like, totally thrashed

But as I said to the mister and gathered friends, halfway through the third quarter, ‘if I had to choose between a premiership and the election, I’d choose the election… Read more