Yes, really

Gawd. I just realised if I had lived a different life, there could be people alive right now who would know me only as ‘nana’. Fark.


You know that thing where you get an email and already your hackles are slightly raised just by the sight of their name in your inbox and *then* you read… Read more

Decisions by degrees

The gauge has said thirty five for two days in a row, and so we know that winter, or what passes for it, has now passed.

It is lucky that said decisions have been decided…


With great surprise, I report that chocolate chips do not enhance this rock cake recipe.
(And I agree that in 2011, this is less of a blog post and more of a tweet or a facebook status update…


The moments between the bird’s entrance through the door and exit through the window were filled with drama and cake.

View from a bridge

Youngest Lad has never been scared of making his feelings known . . he comes from a long line of activists . . and he rarely loses .

A little short

On the days that the person I think I am aligns with the person I really am, I find myself more exhausted than you’d expect.


The mister was even less impressed by my decision to pay for a horoscope chart than I thought he would be.


I read this, and then I fell a little bit in love with Gerard Whateley. (actually, I had already fallen in love with him a long time ago, and this… Read more

til tomorrow

Sorry, I’ve got nothing for you on account of being in the midst of yet another bout of privileged middle-class angst in a time of inner reflection, and these are… Read more


Dear interwebs If you were me, what would you do? Yours in anticipation of wise and revelatory counsel tc

cafe au lait?

My mistakes would not be recognised as such, and my pot plants would never die and would always flower (where appropriate).

Black, no sugar

Iced tea got warm is drinkable, whereas hot tea gone cold is not. Or, more precisely, but simultaneously less: iced tea got warm is not undrinkable, whereas hot tea gone… Read more


Today, I heard a woman say: I can’t run because I’m wearing a long dress because I haven’t shaved my legs.