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I can’t think of a suitable title

I have just been reacquainting myself with some research and statistics during which time I have reading the Facts and Stats factsheet on the White Ribbon Foundation’s website.

The report says, amongst other things:

ah, John Howard, you’ve done it again

Following a missive from home, I decided to go in search of John Howard's appearance on qanda last night. I had to go to youtube because stoopid ABC won't let me watch iview from here. Anyway, good to know John Howard hasn't lost his ability to make me so angry I...

Wishing my head had fallen off

Reading or listening to Phillip Adams makes my head asplode, and so, over the years, I've learned to avoid having my eyes or ears in the same place as his words. Makes our relationship quite amicable. But twice this week I've accidentally come into contact with him....

Maintain the rage

I don't remember where I was the day the Governor General was lambasted from the steps of Parliament House. In a tyre swing in the front of our house at Essington Avenue, Clare, I'm guessing. But certainly, the incident shaped my early childhood - I was simultaneously...

Contented sigh (ongoing)

My boys say, with great excitement, to everyone we meet 'did you watch the election?' It is still feeling good to no longer be living in John Howard's Australia.