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You’re reading posts from the old school blogging section of my blog. Back in the days when the biggest decision you could make was whether to use blogger or word press

Yes, really

Gawd. I just realised if I had lived a different life, there could be people alive right now who would know me only as 'nana'. Fark.

And a touch of heartburn

Here's the thing: just because I'm not a Dog Person doesn't make me a Cat Person. It's 2011. Why are we still discussing this? PS Not to say I don't like cats. Or dogs. Just to say please stop trying to dichotomise me.


You know that thing where you get an email and already your hackles are slightly raised just by the sight of their name in your inbox and *then* you read the email and you think, 'WTF?' and you try to catch your breath but all you can think is, 'That's it! I've had...

Reality television

People really need to stop citing Mad Men as if it is a documentary. It's not quite as bad as when everyone believed Jed Bartlett really did have the code. But almost. It's almost as bad as that. You can quote Mad Men, and you can lust after Joan or Dan (if damaged...


I am sprinkling the word cognitive through this essay, as if I understand it, in the hope that soon I will.

It will never again be 1983

Some days I want to go back to the times when Rumpole of the Bailey was unmissable. But then I remember that where we lived we couldn't get 21 Jump Street. All those years I could've had Johnny Depp in my life, and I was making do with Leo McKern. Which is not to be...

Not quiet right here right now

Do you know why they invented saxophones? To make violins sound quiet. Piano. Why didn't either of them choose piano? You don't have to find the notes on a piano.

ooh, and look, a dust bunny, I’d best go rescue it

I am determined to get started on one of my three assignments all of which, I note with panic, are due on 26 September, a date which is not, as it was the last time I looked, a month away. Howcome, when I was a real undergraduate all those mature age students (who...